You are not required to own a computer for having a website. But yes, creating a website gives you ample amount of opportunities. You can easily expose your business to prospective clients and reach new heights. But you do not need to refurbish your working habits.

First of all, you need to get a domain name and web space which will be in MB or GB, depending upon your needs.

If you already have your own web space, we can design your website deducting the charges for web hosting from our package.

First, sign in to your google account. Then select a cloud platform project. Got to the project page. Then enable billing for your project. After that, have a domain that you manage or you own. Then verify that you own the domain you will be using. Use one of the Google webmaster central verification processes.

Yes, we can help you make your website search engine friendly. You will be able to see your website in all leading search engines after that.

If you want to attract more traffic on your website, you need to promote it on internet and in advertisements. The more it will be promoted, the more visible it would be.

Domain name is the part of a network address which identifies it to be belonging to a particular domain. It is basically the website name.

URL stands for uniform resource locator. It is the address of a resource on the internet.