These are the standard terms and conditions for Website Design and Development and apply to all contracts and all work undertaken by Keyfill Technologies for its clients.

Fees & Deposits

A 50% of the total payment is payable immediately after instructing us to proceed on the project. The remaining 50% must be paid after the completion of the work as per your satisfaction. But we reserve the right not to start off any work until 100% payment is made.

Supply of Materials

The client must provide all the material and information required in order to develop the project as per their needs. Such material may include photographs, written material, logos etc. If there is a hold up in providing the required material from the client’s side, we have the right to extend the formerly decided date of delivery of the project.

If the client fails to submit the required material and it averts us to work, we have the right to bill you for the amount of work already completed.


The client has right to make revisions in the design. However, it is limited to a few proposals only and we may charge the client for additional changes made in the already decided design.

Project Delays & Client Liability

The ETA we give is unforeseen upon your full co-operation. During the completion of any project, there is feedback required from the client at certain phases in order to proceed. It is required that a single point of contact be assigned from the client’s side and must be made available on daily basis.

Approval of Work

The client will be notified one the work has been completed from our end. The client must review it and must notify us in writing of any disagreeable points within 7 days of our notification. Anything that has not been written in the notification of the client within the set period will be considered to be correct. Once the work has been approved, it cannot be declined further and the remaining 50% payment has to be made at this point.

Rejected Work

If the client rejects any of the work submitted by us or not approve further work submitted by us, we can treat the contract has ended and take actions to recover payment for the work already done.


Upon the completion of the 7-day review period, the client must make the remaining 50% of the total estimate.